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About Steven

Steven and his wife Holly have been married for 19 years. They have two sons attending FHSD schools and a dog Stanley named after the Stanley Cup.

Steven is a lifelong Cardinals fan. He loves Will Ferrell movies, telling Dad Jokes, and the Kansas City Chiefs. His favorite bands are Dave Matthews, The Killers, and anything Motown.

Steven has served as a pastor for over twenty years. He has focused on children's ministry, youth ministry, recovery and mental health ministries in each congregation. While Faith serves as Steven's moral compass, he is aware that many people might use a different moral compass and land at the same purpose: Love your neighbor.

In that role, Steven has learned how to lead groups of people who are red, blue, purple, and none of the above.  He has earned others' respect by giving them respect. He resists the common inclination to vilify others or to make another person's position into a straw man argument. Steven takes the time to see from other points of view which helps create a better solution than a copy and pasted version.  Building bridges and pursuing important goals takes leadership. Steven has over twenty years experience of getting things done with people who do not think alike. His ability to use curiosity and common sense will be an asset to Board of Education tasked with serving red, blue, purple, people as well as those who dislike all politics.

A Board of Education should put Education Over Politics. Steven's experience in leading groups with diverse beliefs will be a big asset for our district and each neighbor inside it.

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