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Endorsed By Francis Howell Teachers, Staff, 
Four Former FHSD District Superintendents, 47 Unions
 and More 


My name is Steven Blair.

I am a pastor and believe the words "Love Your Neighbor" include giving students the best public education possible.

Since April 2023, the new majority on the Francis Howell School Board have taken our district in the wrong direction.  We do not want to go "Back to Basics."  We want to be the Best!  We can be a Top 3 District in the State if we stop with the culture war distractions and focus on Student Success, Supporting Teachers, and putting Education Over Politics.  They have had 11 months to do any of this and they have not regardless of what their mailers might say.

Student Success- Give each student the best education possible regardless of their background or post high school future.  Better technology, curriculum, and the very best teachers are necessary for Student Success.

Support Teachers - Francis Howell teachers are tired of being micromanaged, disrespected, and attacked by the new board majority.  Excellent teachers are leaving the district and retiring early.  In one year, Francis Howell has gone from a destination school district to a school district where excellent, experienced teachers are leaving.  This will continue unless we change direction.

Education Over Politics-  Francis Howell is the #1 School District in St. Charles County and 13th Overall in Missouri due to previous leadership.  None of the Top 12 districts are led by a school board majority endorsed by Moms for Liberty.  That brand of leadership damages education.  We must put Education Over Politics for our Students, Teachers, and each of our personal Property Values.

I am proud to be endorsed by:
Francis Howell Teachers
Francis Howell Staff
Mary Hendricks-Harris - Former FHSD Superintendent
Dan O'Donnell - Former FHSD Superintendent
Renee Schuster - Former FHSD Superintendent
Pam Sloan - Former FHSD Superintendent

Francis Howell Forward
Tri-County Union and its 44 Unions.
Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council
St. Charles County Families for Public Schools

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